Please note: we do not adopt the recently suggested systematics placing AMF in the "Glomeromycotina", because of several reasons.
Names above the rank of family are not governed by priority in the Botanical Code - so you are free to use whichever name you prefer, above family.


Classification of 'AM fungi', based on Redecker D, Schüßler A, Stockinger H, Stürmer SL, Morton JB, Walker C (2013) An evidence-based consensus for the classification of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (Glomeromycota). Mycorrhiza 23: 515-531 [full text PDF from publisher] and Schüßler and Walker (2010) (printed copy here).
Note: there is a number of questionable taxa, where no formal action was taken in Redecker et al. (2013). We indicate the problems with the same annotation as in Redecker et al. (2013), below.
Another evidence of problems in AM fungi taxonomy / sytematics is the description of new genus Bulbospora, lacking any evidence to judge a new genus.
phylum Glomeromycota    
class Glomeromycetes    
orders (4) families (11) genera (27)
Glomerales Glomeraceae Dominikia
Funneliformis (former Glomus Group Aa, 'Glomus mosseae clade')

(former Glomus Group Ab, 'Glomus intraradices clade')
(basal in former Glomus Group Ab)
  Claroideoglomeraceae Claroideoglomus (former Glomus Group B, 'Glomus claroideum clade')
Diversisporales Gigasporaceae Bulbospora (insufficient evidence)

Intraornatospora (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)
Paradentiscutata (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)

  Acaulosporaceae Acaulospora (including the former Kuklospora)
  Pacisporaceae Pacispora
  Diversisporaceae Corymbiglomus (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)
Diversispora (former Glomus Group C)
Otospora (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)
Tricispora (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)
  Sacculosporaceae Sacculospora (insufficient evidence, but no formal action was taken)
Paraglomerales Paraglomeraceae Paraglomus
Archaeosporales Geosiphonaceae Geosiphon
  Ambisporaceae Ambispora
  Archaeosporaceae Archaeospora (including the former Intraspora)
unknown taxonomic affiliation:   Entrophospora

You find a WWW species list with current names here (it needs update and the new nomenclature is not yet fully implemented), supplemented by some additional information. It includes links to full text papers (the original descriptions), as far as we have copyright clearance. It
is also hyperlinked from the genera-links in the table above. Note, that we can link the pdf-files only from the species-list web-page (as copyright is only cleared for linking from that page).